Terms & Conditions

These terms are current as of 18.07.14 - for up to date MTA terms, please click here

1.1 Introduction
These Terms & Conditions form the principles under which The Toy Shop conducts business with its customers and clients.
While we have tried to make these Terms & Conditions easy to read and understand, it is important that you let us know if you find any part difficult to understand or to accommodate so that we can improve future revisions of this document. This does not mean however that you may disregard any provisions in this document when dealing with us.
We refer to ourselves, The Toy Shop, throughout this document variously as or "We" or "Our". We refer to you, our customer or client, throughout this document as "You" or "Your". The normal conventions of English capitalisation and grammar apply to these definitions throughout the document. For example we may refer to "your order" or "our invoice".
We refer to both parties by the use of normal English such as "both of us".
When this document refers to "days" it means working days, as used in New Zealand. When we refer to weeks or months it means calendar weeks or calendar months respectively.
We will do business with you on the understanding that both of us will abide by the latest revision of these Terms and Conditions prevailing on the day that your order is accepted or at your choice any later revision of Terms and Conditions issued by The Toy Shop. If you choose to use a later revision of these terms and conditions then you will be bound by all the conditions prevailing in that later revision.

1.2 Conduct
The Toy Shop expects to conduct business with you in a professional manner, and believes that maintaining a good relationship with you is one of our highest priorities. Both of us will act in good faith at all times when dealing with each other.

1.3 Confidentiality
We will both keep details of our business confidential, with the following exceptions:

  1. Should it be necessary either of us may refer to the existence of our commercial relationship with the other unless we have both previously agreed not to in writing.
  2. This referral is limited to statements of the existence of this commercial relationship and may include the use of any generally available logos and trademarks (with acknowledgements) and links to Internet web sites.
  3. We reserve the right to draw public attention to the result of any legal action we may take against you.
  4. We will not give out any of your personal details to anyone.
Where appropriate, we may agree to the terms of an additional Confidentiality Agreement (also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement). These Terms and Conditions will take precedence over any additional agreement with regard to the specific prior terms in this section.

1.4 Quotes, Pricing & Orders
All quotes are valid for six months from the date of issue.
All prices that we quote are in New Zealand Dollars ($) and are inclusive of GST. These will be invoiced at the prevailing rates on the date of invoicing.
We reserve the right to change the pricing of services at any time.

1.5 Ownership
All items remain the property of The Toy Shop until paid for in full.
If it becomes necessary to recover items supplied but not paid for, you will be liable for the cost of this recovery.

1.6 Receipt & Use of Products
We will be responsible for ensuring that items sent to you have reasonable insurance to cover against loss or damage during delivery.
If any items sent by post or courier are not received within 3-5 working days, please let us know so that we can ask the carrier to investigate possible loss of the item.
Any damage or shortages at time of receipt should be reported to us within one week of receipt. You will be liable for any loss or damage to items that occur after you have received them.

1.7 Cancellation
You may request to cancel services at anytime. Payment for any work in progress may be required.

1.8 Normal Transactions
If you do not have a credit agreement with us then payment in full is required with any order.

1.9 Credit Facilities
We may choose to provide you with a credit facility. We may inform you in writing of the details of this facility and any additional conditions not detailed in this document.
We reserve the right to terminate this facility without prior notice and without reason at any time. Payment terms for outstanding delivered products and services will not be affected, but any undelivered products or services will be subject to our normal terms at that time.

2.0 Credit Facility Transactions
Our standard payment terms for credit accounts is payment in full strictly 14 days from date of invoice unless otherwise previously agreed in writing. If you would like to enter into a multi-payment arrangement please discuss this with us as soon as possible.
Failure to pay on time will result in withdrawal of services and any further deliveries of ordered items without notice and further action will be taken to recover any debts and/or items which have not been paid for in full.
You will be liable for all costs incurred recovering outstanding debts.

2.1 Refunds, Returns and Cancellations
We will replace any faulty product (as long as it is not faulty due to mishandling) and when no replacement is available we will refund your money. Refunds can take up to 3-5 working days for money to clear. To cancel an order, you need to do it on the same working day so we can notify our suppliers of the cancellation. Otherwise, the goods will be invoiced out to you and you will have to go through a refund process.

2.2 Shipping and Deliveries
Shipping time is between 3-5 working days. When the product is coming from Austrailia wait time can be 3-6 working days. When the product is EX-UK the wait time can be up to 40 days.

A. APPENDIX - Company Information
Registered in New Zealand as: The Toy Shop 2009 Limited.
Company Registration Number: 2208890
Trading Address: 3 George Street, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand 1024.
Telephone: 09 360 2209
Fax: 09 360 2207
Registered Office: 6 King Street, Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand.
GST / IRD number: 101-656-934